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Wind Damage Roof Repair in El Paso

Wind Damage Roof Repair
Allegiant Construction and Roofing have treated countless roofs in El Paso that experienced wind damage. Protecting your home or place of business has always been our number one priority. Storms often cause issues that if not addressed and fixed right away can lead to much worse problems down the road. By entrusting the expert roofing contractor in El Paso, your roof will be in even better condition than before the storm!

Common Wind Damage Repairs Needed

During a windstorm, strong pressure can compromise the integrity of your roof. Some damage can be as simple as curled or missing shingles, but some damage can be much more devastating, leaving your home exposed to the elements.

These are the most common wind damage roof repairs needed:

  • Debris damage – Heavy winds will typically move debris to the top of your roof. When this happens, the debris can cause more damage than the wind itself. Debris tends to clog gutters. This type of damage may require repairs to the areas affected or a full restoration.
  • Tree damage – In a similar manner as debris damage, trees that have fallen or branches that are blown to the roof can scratch your roof and puncture shingles. We may need to replace the shingles or fully replace the roof, depending on the severity of damage.

Does Your Insurance Work With Wind Damage?

The first step you should take is to contact your insurance provider. Most insurance providers determine coverage based on the age of your roof, the area where you live, and other policy-specific criteria. Most often, rain damage is covered through your home insurance policy, but there are exceptions. In some instances, your insurance provider will cover the exterior of your home including the roof, but the amount of reimbursement can be minor compared to the full scope of damage.

We recommend taking these steps to secure your possibility of receiving reimbursement for wind damage roof repair costs:

  • Give us a call at (915) 206-2834 to schedule an appointment and receive your free estimate. We will identify the areas that require immediate repair.
  • Contact your insurance provider and provide them with the information from our free estimate.
  • Allow us to replace any broken or missing shingles and perform all necessary services to save you from worse damage.

We Provide Quick and Efficient Services to Fix Your Wind Damaged Roof

To help ease your concerns, our team works quickly and thoroughly to fix the damage caused by a wind storm. After our free estimate, we create a plan of action to correct the issues with immediate concern. We will then work on any other areas of the roof that require servicing in order to prevent future damage.

Financing is available!

If Your Roof Was Recently Damaged by a Wind Storm, Contact Us Today

The best step you can take for the safety and security of your family or employees is to connect with an insured and bonded roofing contractor. We can correct the issues needing service right away and protect your roof from future damage. We provide warranties on roof repairs and new roof installations.

Give us a call today at (915) 206-2834 to learn more.