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Roof Leak Repair in El Paso

Roof Leaks, Roof Leak Repair

We Provide All-Inclusive Roof Leak Repair Maintenance

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How Do Roof Leaks Begin?

Roof leaks happen for a number of reasons. A small leak can quickly turn into severe damage if it’s not handled quickly and properly. It’s important to have your roof inspected at least once a year to prevent future issues, as problems are not often visible until water is falling inside your home.

The most common reasons for roof leaks include:

  • Age of roof: Over time, the material of the roof starts to deteriorate. With the influence of weather conditions and harsh temperature, the material may crack or melt.
  • Missing shingles: Missing shingles generally fall off due to heavy winds, but may also fall off due to improper installation or old age.
  • Debris build-up: Wind tends to lift things like leaves, twigs, or pine needles to the top of roofs, creating a pile of debris that is damaging to your roof. Debris can eventually trap water and cause it to seep into the roof.

How Leaks Can Affect the Inside of Your Home

When water enters your home, it creates a lot of problems that go beyond the cost of replacing a roof leak. For one, you may acquire mold in areas where dirty water has dried. With mold typically comes insect infestation. Costs of mitigating mold and exterminating pests can quickly add up. Other potential damage that roof leaks create include:

  • A higher utility bill due to improper insulation
  • A fire hazard from water damage
  • Health issues for you and your family
  • Ceiling damage

Not All Roofs are Built the Same

Unfortunately, not all roofs provide the same amount of coverage. Flat roofs tend to experience more damage since the lack of slope causes water to puddle on top. On the contrary, materials such as slate are able to sustain bad weather conditions including heavy hail, rain, and wind. Additionally, clay tile is a water-shedding outer layer with a long lifespan. We can offer you more recommendations on roof materials to help you avoid future leaks.

We Work Quickly and Efficiently

If you’re in need of the following services, please contact us today:

  • Roof Leak Repair
  • Roof Sealant and Caulking
  • Emergency Roof Leak Repairs
  • Emergency Roof Repairs

Learn More About Our Warranty on Your Roof

At Allegiant Construction and Roofing, we provide warranties on all roof repairs and new roof installations Our goal is to provide you with trusted and reliable services.

Our Free Estimate Allows You to Make the Best Decision

Before servicing your roof, we will provide you with a free, no obligation estimate. Upon determining the best plan of action, you can decide how to proceed. Since we place a focus on getting the job done right the first time, you’ll never have to second guess if the work we perform will correct the problem — we guarantee it will!