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El Paso! Keep Your Roof Safe This Summer by Following These Tips

roofing safety

The temperature is rising and the summer heat is on its way. Well before the triple digits strike, make sure your home is prepared to handle the heat. Your roof is the first and most important area to target. If you’ve kept up with roof maintenance throughout the year, your roof should be in good shape but you want to ensure it’s prepared to handle the sun’s brutality. Those ultraviolet rays can cause damage even on cloudy days! Plus, we know that once June hits, El Paso can see some of the worst monsoon weather, from hailstorms to consistent rain, possible flooding and backing up your gutters. It’s imperative to be prepared for any and all type of weather.

We’ve gathered the most critical tips to follow so that your roof can remain intact this summer:

Tip #1: Have Your Roof Inspected

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to see damage from the ground and even when you’re on top of your roof, unless you’re a professional roofer you won’t be able to identity the often hidden areas of damage. Your best bet is to have the roof inspected by a professional. Simply give us a call, and we’ll set up a time and date to come down to your house or building. During our inspection, we’ll look for any cracks, leaks, holes, loose gravel, possible structural damage, and any other damage that may be lingering. Upon your inspection and free estimate. We’ll allow you to decide how you’d like to move forward, providing you with all the details on what repairs are needed and why.

Tip #2: Have Repairs Done

We advise to have the needed repairs done as soon as possible. This will prevent those damages from becoming worse. Within one rainstorm, a missing shingle can result in a leak, damaging the inside of your home. We don’t say this to be extreme. The reality is, roof damage can spread over time and when there’s weather involved, that time can speed up immediately.

Tip #3: Invest in Roof Coating

More sunlight translates to more heat damage. To help prevent UV damage to your roof and extend the longevity, consider investing in roof coating. Roof coatings provide a barrier between the outside elements and your roof. While there are numerous benefits to roof coatings, one of the most prominent is its ability to reflect the sunlight that hits it for hours on end. The inside of your home will feel cooler as a result. It can also help to lower your overall costs on maintenance.

Tip #4: Never Neglect Your Roof

Roofs tend to be the last thing on our minds. And with a busy summer schedule, who has time to plan for roof repairs or restoration projects? When you contact Allegiant Construction and Roofing, we’ll make it easy for you! We work fast and efficient to ensure your roof gets the needed attention and so that you don’t have to plan around it.

Before the 100 plus degree is here, give us a call! Or even if the triple digits have hit, we’re here ready to handle your roofing needs.  

Your Roof and El Paso’s Unpredictable Weather — Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Roof Safe


One minute we’re storing our winter gear, the next we’re scrambling for those jackets we thought we no longer needed. If one thing is certain it’s that the weather is never predictable, especially here in the Sun City. When unexpected weather hits, it can take a toll on our properties. Everything from our trees to our windows can suffer. The roof is no exception. In fact, our roof is one of the exterior elements that is impacted the hardest.

While we can’t control the weather, we can control the repairs and maintenance on our roof that help prevent worse damage following extreme weather. Here are a couple of ways you can prepare:

Curling, Buckled, or Wavy Shingles?

If your roof has lifted shingles, they can easily be blown off in a wind, rain, or dust storm. Instead of waiting for more damage to brace your roof. Have those loose shingles replaced! In the event of a storm, your shingles are more likely to remain in place.

No Shingles at All?

What’s worse than loose or curling shingles? Missing shingles! In the event of a rainstorm, your roof is prone to the exposure of rain, ice, or even snow. When shingles are missing, the outside elements can easily come inside causing anything from leaks, water damage, and eventually mold.

Stains, Granule Loss, or a Plain Dirty Roof?

As a homeowner, you rightfully spend the majority of your time inside your home. As roofers, we spend our time on your roof looking for all of the trouble spots you’re not able to easily see or professionally detect. You may not realize it but a sign of roof damage also includes discoloration, stains, and even dirt. Following a rainstorm, it tends to be humid. With moisture in the air, it can cause an airborne fungus known as Gleocapsa. Although it mostly thrives in extremely humid places, fungus can begin to grow on your roof if it’s not properly cleaned.

And Lastly, How Are Those Gutters?

Gutters are intended to keep the roof protected from damage so when the gutters aren’t able to flow water down to the ground, it can cause complications. You risk the extreme possibility of mold, you might deal with a cracked foundation, and your basement or other areas of the home may flood. Ensuring that your gutters are working properly can make a significant impact on your home, saving you thousands of dollars!

Make Sure Your Roof is Prepared for the Worst!

Maintenance is the key to keeping a roof safe and in place. Though it may not always seem like it, even the smallest of repairs can prevent the worst of damage when unpredictable weather comes our way. If you haven’t had your roof inspected in a couple of months, consider having it inspected ASAP. Give Allegiant Construction and Roofing a call today!

3 Fall Roof Repair & Maintenance Tips

Roof Repair & Maintenance

The weather in El Paso during the fall can be unpredictable. We may get some rain one day, temperatures could drop by 10 degrees then be right back up the next, and when we finally found the perfect coat it can feel like summer all over again. An unpredictable forecast often leads to unpredicted trouble with our roofs. Luckily, there are steps you can take to eliminate or prevent any damage that the changing weather may bring. With seasonal roof repair & maintenance services, Allegiant Construction and Roofing helps keep your roof safe and free from costly damage.

During the colder months of the year, it’s especially important that you focus on the maintenance of your roof. Even if it seems like minimal repairs, those repairs are what prevent extreme damage from taking place. Just like having your car or truck inspected before hitting the road, you should have your roof inspected to ensure it’s capable of sustaining the autumn. At Allegiant, we place an emphasis on roof repair & maintenance for a reason. Any and all effort toward safeguarding your residential or commercial roof is significant.

We’ve compiled three helpful tips that can help you prepare:

1. Clear Any Debris After a Windstorm

Windstorms in El Paso tend to bring unwanted trash to our roofs. Everything from leaves to trash bags, and loose gravel. We might assume that those items won’t cause that much damage to the roof but in reality, they can easily cause damage. The longer debris stays on your roof, the more likely it is that your roof will see structural damage. Not to mention, when leaves begin to pile up you can expect to have issues with your gutters. While it may not seem like it, taking action the day after a windstorm can make a significant impact.

2. Repair Flashing and Replace Shingles

Even if your roof is relatively new, it’s always a good idea to inspect the flashing as it can become loose or warped. Improper flashing allows for water or ice during a hailstorm to enter your roof. This will create moisture that when builds up leads to interior damage such as a leak. You also want to be sure that any missing shingles are replaced well before winter rolls around. This will also prevent the build-up of moisture from spreading into the ceiling.   

3. Have Your Roof Professionally Inspected

A routine roof inspection performed by a professional can make all the difference. Many needed repairs aren’t visibly obvious, even if you’re the one on top of your roof inspecting for damage. As trained professionals, our team of roofers knows just what to look for when it comes to repairs. It can also be unsafe for you to attempt to do the work yourself. That’s why we handle everything from the inspection to the repairs.   

Get Reliable Roof Repair & Maintenance Services in El Paso

Allegiant Construction & Roofing is here to make sure your residential or commercial roof is secure. You’ll quickly learn how passionate we are when it comes to maintenance on your roof. We’re passionate about it because we know that through routine maintenance you can prevent the worse from happening. Some damage may be inevitable but the ones that are should be treated early on. Please don’t let your roof suffer the consequences of neglect! Connect with us today. We’ll make the entire process efficient and we promise, we won’t put you to work.