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Category: Housing

Recent Trends in El Paso Construction – What to Remember Before Buying Your Dream Home?

Whether you’re looking to build your new home in El Paso, or you’re interested in buying a newly built house, keeping track of the major construction trends in the region will help you save money, increase your home’s aesthetic appeal and avoid long term maintenance and repair issues.

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El Paso Real Estate – Great Opportunities to Rent and to Buy

Whether it is a suitably sized rental that you need or you want to buy an apartment, a condo or a family home, you will surely find what you want in El Paso, Texas. You will notice the outstanding work of the local residential El Paso roofing companies as you look at the different housing types.  Median, per square foot housing prices present some variation depending on the district that you choose – central neighborhoods are obviously more expensive that the outskirts – but, as a whole, housing prices in El Paso are still very affordable – here are the most popular neighborhoods:

  • Downtown – the area where the city’s historic neighborhoods are located, downtown El Paso combines residential areas and business centers;
  • The West Side – also known as Northwest El Paso, the area is close to the Rio Grande and to Franklin Mountains. It has lots of green areas and it offers varied housing opportunities for those who want to live in a place that is equally close to wonderful natural sites and to the busy city center;
  • East El Paso – the largest and most dynamically developing area of El Paso has attractive, middle-class neighborhoods and homes for rent and for sale with great views over the mountains and the river. It is also the area with the highest concentration of entertainment venues in El Paso.