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Avoid These 5 Common Roofing Mistakes

roofing tips

Our home’s roof deserves TLC and if you’re already giving it the love it needs, then make sure you’re handling it with care. Just like there’s a proper way to brush your teeth, there’s a right and a wrong way to taking care of your roof.

We’ve compiled five of the biggest mistakes that homeowners tend to make when it comes to their roof. If you’re guilty of one or more of these, learn what you should be doing instead.

1. Cleaning your roof with a pressure washer

A pressure washer will certainly remove items like leaves and trash but in the process of clearing out your roof, you’re also damaging the roof’s surface. If you regularly clean your roof or do so after a big storm, use a water hose instead. The pressure isn’t as great but it will still do the job.

2. Placing new shingles over old ones

By placing new shingles over old ones you are indeed causing more issues. Old shingles need to be completed removed then new ones can be installed. Failing to do so will make matters worse.

3. Forgetting to inspect your attic

Your attic often reveals signs of trouble but if you’re not checking it regularly, you will certainly miss the signs. Be sure to take a couple of minutes every couple of months and inspect your attic. There may be small repairs that are needed in order to avoid catastrophic issues down the road.

4. Putting too much insulation on your home.

There is such a thing as too much insulation. A home with an attic needs some ventilation. Otherside, this can lead to mold and other issues. You also don’t want too little insulation. A professional roofer can help you find a balance.

5. Not having it inspected at least once a year

Even if your roof hasn’t had any leaks or obvious damage, it’s important to have it inspected by a professional roofer. Think of it like your routine doctor or dentist visit. Even if you feel fine and your teeth look okay, it’s still necessary to have a routine exam to ensure there aren’t any underlying issues. Your roof may need small repairs to keep it in optimal condition. This results in less trouble down the road.

Contact Allegiant Construction and Roofing for Reliable Services

There’s nothing to be ashamed about if you have been making one or more of these mistakes. It happens to the best of us! So instead of continuing this cycle, have your roof professional inspected and serviced by us, one of the most reliable roofing companies in El Paso. When you call Allegiant Construction and Roofing, we’ll give you the upfront answers you need to make an informed decision.  

Avoid the Worse! Winter-Proof Your El Paso Roof

roofing tips

From freezing temperatures to a calm 68-degree day, there’s no telling what one winter day will be like from the next. Leaving your roof susceptible to damage may come at a high cost when an unexpected winter storm braces the Borderland. All it takes is a couple of preventative measures and your roof will be protected from damage such as water leaks and roof and gutter issues. Allow us to help you prepare!

Give your home’s exterior a walk-through

Do you have a couple of trees that touch your home’s roof? Perhaps a tree that’s close to your roof? If you do, you’ll want to trim those trees and rack up any fallen leaves. Branches and leaves can clog up gutters, which obstruct the ability of water to flow in the right direction. When leaves pile up on your home’s roof, they can also cause damage. Wet leaves have the potential to rot roof shingles and make them weak. Take a walk around your home and from the ground trouble-spot any areas that require cleanup. The goal is to keep both your roof and gutters free from objects.

Inspect your attic

Attics are prone to leaks, especially when the Sun City experiences a heavy rainstorm. To spot any potential damage, go up to your attic on a sunny day and look for pockets of the sun coming in through the roof. If you notice areas where the sun is peaking in, call a roofer to asses it. A professional roofer will determine whether there are missing shingles or other potential damage. It’s important to have it addressed right away as any small opening leaves room for the possibility of leaks, which can result in mold.     

Have your roof thoroughly inspected

It’s a good rule of thumb to have your roof inspected before the start of a new season. Since fall and winter in El Paso can sometimes get blurred, it’s a good idea to have it inspected in late September/early October. Although we are well into November, you can still have it inspected before the start of winter, which officially starts on December 21st.

Simply give Allegiant Construction and Roofing a call and we’ll schedule a visit. Upon our inspection, our licensed and experienced roofers will look for any damage that requires repair. We’ll let you know the full status of your roof’s condition so that you can have peace of mind knowing you’re prepared for the possibility of snow or freezing temperatures.

Contact us today to schedule an inspection!

3 Fall Roof Repair & Maintenance Tips

Roof Repair & Maintenance

The weather in El Paso during the fall can be unpredictable. We may get some rain one day, temperatures could drop by 10 degrees then be right back up the next, and when we finally found the perfect coat it can feel like summer all over again. An unpredictable forecast often leads to unpredicted trouble with our roofs. Luckily, there are steps you can take to eliminate or prevent any damage that the changing weather may bring. With seasonal roof repair & maintenance services, Allegiant Construction and Roofing helps keep your roof safe and free from costly damage.

During the colder months of the year, it’s especially important that you focus on the maintenance of your roof. Even if it seems like minimal repairs, those repairs are what prevent extreme damage from taking place. Just like having your car or truck inspected before hitting the road, you should have your roof inspected to ensure it’s capable of sustaining the autumn. At Allegiant, we place an emphasis on roof repair & maintenance for a reason. Any and all effort toward safeguarding your residential or commercial roof is significant.

We’ve compiled three helpful tips that can help you prepare:

1. Clear Any Debris After a Windstorm

Windstorms in El Paso tend to bring unwanted trash to our roofs. Everything from leaves to trash bags, and loose gravel. We might assume that those items won’t cause that much damage to the roof but in reality, they can easily cause damage. The longer debris stays on your roof, the more likely it is that your roof will see structural damage. Not to mention, when leaves begin to pile up you can expect to have issues with your gutters. While it may not seem like it, taking action the day after a windstorm can make a significant impact.

2. Repair Flashing and Replace Shingles

Even if your roof is relatively new, it’s always a good idea to inspect the flashing as it can become loose or warped. Improper flashing allows for water or ice during a hailstorm to enter your roof. This will create moisture that when builds up leads to interior damage such as a leak. You also want to be sure that any missing shingles are replaced well before winter rolls around. This will also prevent the build-up of moisture from spreading into the ceiling.   

3. Have Your Roof Professionally Inspected

A routine roof inspection performed by a professional can make all the difference. Many needed repairs aren’t visibly obvious, even if you’re the one on top of your roof inspecting for damage. As trained professionals, our team of roofers knows just what to look for when it comes to repairs. It can also be unsafe for you to attempt to do the work yourself. That’s why we handle everything from the inspection to the repairs.   

Get Reliable Roof Repair & Maintenance Services in El Paso

Allegiant Construction & Roofing is here to make sure your residential or commercial roof is secure. You’ll quickly learn how passionate we are when it comes to maintenance on your roof. We’re passionate about it because we know that through routine maintenance you can prevent the worse from happening. Some damage may be inevitable but the ones that are should be treated early on. Please don’t let your roof suffer the consequences of neglect! Connect with us today. We’ll make the entire process efficient and we promise, we won’t put you to work.

Why a Warranty on Your Roof Matters and How to Avoid Any Pitfalls

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Roof maintenance tends to be one of the most neglected matters when it comes to both residential and commercial buildings. When those pesky leaks occur or an unforeseen hailstorm hits, it is only then that our roofs get attention. Much like a car that doesn’t get proper maintenance until a real and often expensive issue appears before us, we might be wondering what we could have done beforehand to prevent the damage in the first place. But sometimes, damages are unavoidable.

The purpose of any warranty is to be there for us when unforeseen disasters strike. As the dictionary defines a warranty, it is a promise to repair or replace an item by its manufacture. The terms of a warranty are what truly matter. For example, the period of coverage may only extend for a couple of months or it will specify which parts of the item or system that are covered. A roofing company whose warranty offers little coverage is more common than one would think. For that reason, we believe it’s important to highlight what you as a consumer should look for in a warranty for your home or business’ roof and why your coverage matters.

Does a Roofing Company’s Warranty Terms Really Matter?

In short, yes but let’s examine the reasons why you should always read the fine print. Most consumers assume that any and all damages are covered when indeed somewhere within the long list of terms it specifies “only deterring leaks.” Other exclusions may include water damage, extreme weather, or malicious acts. Also, the company who installed your roof could specify that any maintenance work must be performed by their contractors. This can lead to complications if you’ve already had work performed by that said contractor and were unhappy with the results.    

What Consumers Should Look For in a Warranty

Generally, there are two types of roof warranties that a roofing company will offer. These include material-only and material and labor. A material-only warranty means that only the materials supplied by your roof’s manufacturer will be protected against any possible defects. This also means that any work performed will not be covered. A material and labor warranty will include coverage for both the manufacturer’s material as well as work performed by a licensed contractor.

Prior to signing your name on the dotted line, it’s wise to ask your roof installer about the details of their warranty. Ask questions such as, “Will you be covering hail and wind damage?” as well as “Which parts of my system are not covered?” No matter what type of warranty you go with, always keep in mind that roofs age and with time, there will be unpreventable damage.

Contact Allegiant Construction & Roofing

As a roofing company in El Paso, we understand how unpredictable El Paso weather can be. The weatherman says one thing but when we look out our windows we see something else. It can be difficult to tell when the next hailstorm is going to hit. Beyond factors related to the weather, old roofs need maintenance work as well. At Allegiant Construction & Roofing, we work with home and business owners to ensure their building’s roof is secure for their families, employees, and guests. We offer a competitive warranty on all the work we perform so you can be confident knowing we’re only a phone call away!

Different Options for Roof Tiles in El Paso

Roofer handling a type of roof tiles- the clay optionIf you are in the market for a new roof you may want to consider your options. While asphalt shingles are the most popular option in El Paso, it benefits you as a homeowner to consider clay roof tiles or even slate. If you are wanting to think outside the box, up the value of your home and add some major curb appeal, changing out your roofing materials is a great way to go. You will also benefit from a longer lifespan and better durability. Continue reading “Different Options for Roof Tiles in El Paso”