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Different Options for Roof Tiles in El Paso

Roofer handling a type of roof tiles- the clay optionIf you are in the market for a new roof you may want to consider your options. While asphalt shingles are the most popular option in El Paso, it benefits you as a homeowner to consider clay roof tiles or even slate. If you are wanting to think outside the box, up the value of your home and add some major curb appeal, changing out your roofing materials is a great way to go. You will also benefit from a longer lifespan and better durability. Continue reading “Different Options for Roof Tiles in El Paso”

Repair Vs. Regret: 3 Ways to Keep Your Commercial Roof Safe

professional roofer handling materials with a sloped commercial roof in the backgroundIf you own a building in El Paso, commercial roof safety should be a top priority for you. A responsible building owner always has the appropriate safety measures for those who occupy the building, both inside and out. Keeping your commercial roof in its best condition doesn’t have to be complicated. Rather than regretting ever taken precaution, you can ensure all necessary repairs are handled in a timely manner.

Here are some of our preventative roof damage suggestions: Continue reading “Repair Vs. Regret: 3 Ways to Keep Your Commercial Roof Safe”

Knowing When It’s Time to Replace Your Roof

Roofer builder worker dismantling roof shinglesKnowing if you need to replace your roof can be tricky. The majority of El Paso homeowners, unfortunately, don’t realize their roof is in turmoil until it begins to leak. Factors that determine it could be time to replace your roof entirely rather than repair a few areas, ultimately depend on these three key signs: the age of your roof, the severity of damage, and how many shingles are missing. Let’s explore these signs further.
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4 Tips for Keeping Your Roof Safe

Attic skylight. Asphalt Shingles House Roofing Construction with Attic Roof windows, skylights waterproofing.Most El Paso residents don’t consider the importance of roof maintenance until a disaster strikes. At that point, it may be time to for full replacement. The major downside to fully replacing your roof is that it can be costly, especially if your insurance company denies you coverage, and it’s preventable. It’s important to note that with age or hailstorm damage, your roof may eventually require full or partial replacement.
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Can You Find Great Jobs in the El Paso Constructions Industry?

The question of whether or not viable work in the El Paso construction industry might be available is one that has been asked time and time again by new residents and people who would like to move to El Paso to start a new life. Fortunately, the city is going through some remarkable changes at this time, and there is truly no shortage of construction work. Whether or not you can find a job that suits your needs, however, is a more complex question.
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