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Month: March 2019

Why You Need a Roof Inspection After a Windstorm in El Paso

roof wind damage

El Paso and the wind: two inevitable things that make us go from the Sun City to the Windy City in a matter of minutes. Following a windstorm, life always seems to resume, for the most part, as normal. We resume our walks in the park, drive to work without fear, and really— all of the things we would normally do. However, there is one area of our lives that may not be fully back to normal. And unfortunately, it’s a part that already doesn’t receive the attention it needs. That is our roof.

Wind, especially those 60 MPH winds we saw just a couple of days ago, can cause a host of problems! From lifting/removing shingles to bringing debris and other harmful items onto the top. Without knowing the extent of the damage following the storm, the damage can easily go from bad to worse. But we’re not here to focus on the bad. Rather, we want to stress the importance of having your roof inspected immediately after a storm.

Spotting Roof Damage Following a Windstorm

Wind moves in many directions and in different degrees of pressure. This causes a large amount of stress on your roof. If you haven’t had your roof inspected in quite some time, it makes matters worse. Again, we’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news! It’s the equivalent of seeing a doctor after months or years of suffering from a condition. The risk of damage is high. That’s not to say it’s too late because considering you’re doing your research, it’s not!

During your home’s professional roof inspection, our team will perform a thorough look into all areas of your roof. This includes the following:

  • Look for missing or damaged shingles
  • Check for buckling or penetration
  • Examine the state of gutters: are they clogged?
  • Check for the possibility of leaks
  • Overall material check
  • Is there mold or decay?

Once we’ve determined the state of your roof, we’ll let you know what (if any) repairs are needed to restore your roof. We work fast so you won’t have to worry about the damage spreading.

Contact the Roof Wind Damage Experts — Contact Allegiant Construction and Roofing

We know that you have other important things to worry about, that’s why we work fast and efficiently. Best of all—we work around your schedule. Call us today to schedule an inspection!