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Month: July 2017

Do You Have Your El Paso Commercial Roofer Yet?

Finding the perfect roofer to service your business’s roof can be difficult, but not if you know what to look for. You invest a lot in your business and you need a roofing contractor in El Paso who respects that investment. We work diligently to ensure your company is back to top production as quickly as possible with the fewest headaches during, before, and after. Call us today to get all the fact about our business!

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Taken from the article:
Things to Consider Before Saying, ‘You’re Hired’

Hiring the wrong contractor can mean much more than shoddy workmanship—it can mean legal battles, the need to bring in other contractors, and ongoing roof repair expenses in the coming years to address the problems resulting from the initial poor workmanship.
Before you forge an agreement with any roofing contractor, you need to qualify the work of your candidates. For instance, it is important to pre-qualify their safety programs.

To protect yourself and your business, perform your due diligence and find out the following facts about your prospective contractor’s past performance:

  • Experience Modification Rate: One way to determine a safe contractor is through their experience modification rate, or EMR. This is what insurance company’s use to rate a contractor’s prior claim experience. An EMR below 1.0 indicates a contractor with good performance, while 1.0 is average and greater than 1.0 shows poor performance.
  • Quality Insurance: Reputable insurance companies will not typically take on a contractor with a poor performance record, so find out whether a contractor is insured by an A+ rated company. It is also important to check the exclusions on a contractor’s insurance policy and make sure you would not be left without coverage should you need to file a claim.
  • Financial Track Record: Take a look at a contractor’s financial statements going back at least three years if possible. A good contractor doesn’t lose money, so healthy financial statements are a good indicator that a contractor is doing solid work, working safely and satisfying customers—addressing their concerns and attending to them rather than filing for bankruptcy and leaving them to deal with the issues on their own.”

Choosing the Right Roof for Your El Paso Home

There are many factors that go into choosing the perfect roofing material for your home. Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone. While this guide will give you some surface level insight into what to look for, there’s no replacement for an in-person consultation with a professional. That’s why it’s so important to contact a local roofing company for your El Paso home.

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What to Look for in a Roof
There are many factors to consider when selecting a roof including:

  • How long will it last?
  • Does it hold up during natural disasters such as wildfires or hurricanes?
  • Is it too heavy for the existing roof framing?
  • Does the roof have enough slope?
  • Will the look complement the style of the house?
  • Are the materials eco-friendly and recyclable?
  • Is the type of roofing allowed by local building codes?
  • And finally, how much does it cost?

Pros and Cons

Some types of roofing may be better suited for your house than others. Factors such as the slope of the roof and strength of the framing could limit your choices. In areas prone to wildfires or hurricanes, look for a product with a high fire rating or good wind resistance. In addition, steps can be taken during the installation of many types of roofing to improve their resistance to fire or wind. Below is a rundown on the different types of roofing available.”

Checking for Moisture in Your Home

As we experience wetter weather, it’s important to make sure you know where to look for moisture spots and what to do if you find any. A major area of concern when it comes water getting indoors is your roof, which is why it’s important to have a reliable El Paso roofing company to call for repairs. Allegiant Roofers is here to ensure you won’t develop mold by fixing your roof leaks and making sure you’re protected in the long run.

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Taken from the article:
Checklist of Moisture Trouble Spots

Note: Mold feeds on starches and sugars in gypsum board, wood and wallpaper glues, but it can also grow on cloth, carpet and dust.

Many paints that are used on basement walls will sometimes be a host for molds. If there’s no paint on the walls, the mold probably won’t grow as quickly. Air drying wet clothes in an already damp basement is another way to add unwanted moisture to a room. Approximately 40 percent of the moisture in a home can come from the basement alone.

“They’re a catch basin for water,” Jim says. “A lot of water can gather here.” Even if your windows have a drain, make sure the drain is clear of any debris and dirt.

Because the foundations of homes are porous, they can absorb water from the outside and bring the moisture into the home. Don’t let efflorescence (a powder that crystallizes when exposed to air — looks like salt) fool you into thinking you have mold. This salt-like substance, however, is a sign that there is a moisture problem.

Chimneys (for a furnace or water heater)
This is another high humidity hot spot that can lead to mold problems. If there is even a slight debris buildup or if there’s a blockage in the chimney, the gas that’s being burned is not getting out, which means that carbon monoxide is getting back into the house. If there’s a sudden moisture problem, it’s sometimes related to something collapsing inside the chimney that causes a blockage. It’s a good idea to take a flashlight and look in the chimney for excess debris. In fact, it’s best to have a professional sweep your chimney on a regular basis.

Walls (exterior and foundation, inside and out)
Look for peeling paint, deteriorated siding, rotted window sills, rotted window trim or door trim, brick-stone-mortar damage, rotted sheathing on the roof and rotted framing members. On the foundation walls, look for holes, spalling mortar joints, deteriorating masonry surfaces, peeling paint, collapsing window wells and rotted window or door sills.

Roof Surfaces
Wet or rotting sheathing, rafters, eaves and soffits are what you want to look for on the roof.

Make sure your gutters are always clean and free of debris to eliminate any backups of water that can leak into the house. Tip: Gutter guards are great for keeping debris out of your gutters. Also, make sure the downspouts are clean and clear at all times for proper drainage. Another good idea to check the storm drains to make sure they are working properly.”

Renovation Tips for Your El Paso Home

Are you getting for a major renovation project? If you are, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by the amount of preparatory work you need to have done by the time we start construction. Fear not, though, we have some tips for you so you can focus on getting your house ready.

These tips cover topics like what to start first, keeping yourself organized, and maintaining your sanity throughout the project. If you’d like to know more about Allegiant’s construction practices or are ready for your free estimate, call us today! As one of the premier El Paso roofing and construction companies, and we’re ready to help you with anything you may need.

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Taken from the article:
“After a yearlong renovation in his home, Editorial Director, Decorating Kevin Sharkey is sharing his dos and don’ts for a successful transformation. Read on to benefit from his wisdom and avoid future home headaches.

Do Create a Decorating File

Start pulling everything and anything that you like or think you would like to see in the space.

Do Measure Everything

Take good and accurate drawings of floor plans and elevations. Don’t forget door sizes, stairwells, and elevators.

Do Interview Your Contractor

Interview your contractor or decorator as if you were interviewing a potential spouse. Essentially, that is what they will become during a renovation process.

Do Be Realistic About Renovation Costs

Know this going in: Everything will cost 30 percent more and take 25 percent longer than you expected.

Don’t Hate Dust

Learn to love dust. Don’t take it out on your contractor or yourself. You can feel better if you keep a great vacuum around and plenty of rags.

Do Be Nice

Be nice to everyone involved. The relationship is important, and it’s always evolving. You don’t want to be angry two weeks in and then have to live with this person another three to six months.